The territory of the Cultural Park of the Maestrazgo involves a great complexity41 from the geologic point of view, geographic and natural. Multitude of different landscapes is combined to offer a rich Maestrazgo in shades.

                We were in front of physical means it last for the man but with innumerable resources, among them its ecological diversity. The natural landscapes of the Cultural Park of the Maestrazgo are well defined by the existing potential vegetation in the zone, that varies according to the height and the levels of humidity. In the lowest zones we were with the pine groves pine droughts carrasco, whereas in the spaces of more altitude it appears the wild pine. Between these two ends they appear formation of typically Mediterranean quejigos holm oaks and. To these spaces we must add those that are lacking of arboreal cover, rocky and limestone high woodlands where it appears black savin and the juniper; in uncultivated and the pastures they dominate to the gorse and erizones with some pulses. Also they have a great importance the formation of shore; choperas and tree-lined avenues that often appear as the only vegetal expression in the middle of deforested zones.

As far as the quality of natural means, certain species exist that can serve as bioindicators; fragile or little species whose presence is test that the territory still meets favorable conditions for its life. Uscabrahispanica we find with the crayfish or the otter common, hardly locatable in other zones of Aragon. On the other hand the wild goat and the leonado vulture show an extraordinary adaptation in the most inaccessible zones, like the egyptian vulture. Also species with a clear danger of extinction, as exist they are the wild cat and the perdicera eagle. This situation indicates to us that the territory of the Maestrazgo has a natural patrimony of great wealth.

The more valuable natural spaces from the natural and landscaping point of view are concentrated in the Maestrazgo Stop and Defiles of the Guadalope. El Alto Maestrazgo picks up as spectacular zones as the Monch©n Tooth and the pine groves of Fortanete, in addition to the diverse affluents of the Guadalope (Gorge, Palomita and Pitarque). The space of Defiles of the Guadalope reasons from the locality of Gorse to the marsh of Santolea, happening through as interesting places as the Organs of Montoro. Really, the natural and landscaping quality of the Cultural Park of the Maestrazgo is a fact, and its conservation a key factor of development and quality of life for its inhabitants.

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