Throughout history, the Maestrazgo has been a land of great artisan activity, that got to have its continuity in an initial and insolvent industrial revolution of rural character.

ceramics villarubeiMany of their crafts overflowed at some moments the local and local scope and reached great fame outside the limits of the Maestrazgo. Part of these productions only we know them through conserved works, because the memory of the knowledge is had lost to do of those who elaborated them. The majority of these historical crafts has been disappearing and mainly adapting to the new needs of the present times.

Many of the mechanical factories, directly derive from the old blacksmiths and forjadores, maintaining therefore an office that was fundamental in the past and that it reached great perfection from the medieval centuries. Traditional and abundant crafts in the Maestrazgo were the textiles, realised in looms of type manual, today only the Iglesuela of the Cid maintains this production. In parallel to the textile diverse techniques as the €œdirect printing€ of Mosqueruela, or singular productions as the hats leather of rabbit of Tronch³n were developed. Perhaps for that reason it is not to surprise the strong implantation that still owns the textile industry by these earth.

The needs of farming equipment were solved in the own zone, existing towns that specialized in a single activity, as they can be the esparteros of the Cuba, whose inhabitants still remember the way to elaborate, sarias, canvas shoes and any necessary element for a unaware society of plastics.

The traditional carpentry survives and day to day we see its works in eaves, put molding on rows of balconies, decorative doors, sizes or small barrels for wine.ceramic factory But of Matas

But craftsmen are also who conserve the office of stonecutting or the bricklayers which they handle the traditional materials, or the shepherd who make the keys for the cowbells of their cattle.

These craftsmen have received a new wise person in the form of incorporation of numerous creative, who have recovered activities already left as the ceramics and the leather and have renewed others as the metal.

At the moment, the companies are few that continue working of artisan form, emphasizing the sector of the ceramics in But of Matas and Villarroya of the Pine groves and Stonecutting in Puertomingalvo.



Links to the craftsmen 

Factory of Gregorio stonecutting (Puertomingalvo)

Villa-Rubei ceramics (Villaroya of the Pine groves)

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