On the one hand we can emphasize products derived from the pig: ham, Bodegon plate ham including in the €œO.J. Ham of Teruel€, the embuchado back, garlic sausage, sausage or pitching of back, all of them dried of natural way. Also the oil conserves of back, longaniza and ribs.

A separate chapter the Integra the lamb meat, without a doubt one of products stars, servant in, gained trashumantes some, existing others, with abundance of native races, bred of natural way. The lamb of the Maestrazgo is protected by the Geographic Indication Protected €œTernasco de Aragon€.

We do not have to forget the exquisite calf and the bull and his magnificent cured meat to us, also integrated under the brand of guarantee €œCalf of the Maestrazgo€.

During the autumn and the winter, the consumption of meat of hunting as the partridge, quail, rabbit, wild boar or roebuck is typical.


In the low zone of the Maestrazgo it emphasizes the culture of the olive tree, of which a refining is extracted exquisite and oil of the variety empeltre that comes protected by the Appellation of origin Oil from Oliva Virgen Extra of the Low Aragon.

In the inner levels of the Park excellent peaches cultivate themselves, that serve in addition to elaborate orejones and peach with wine.

We do not have either to forget the excellence the wild products, between which it emphasizes the micol³gica wealth of the territory: rebollones, colmenillas, mushrooms of poplar€¦ are only some of the varieties that can be gathered as much in mounts of the Maestrazgo in spring as in autumn.



Many are the people of the Maestrazgo who have some beehives to autoabastecer themselves of honey, but exists a small business of familiar character in the locality of Pigrim's staff that produces it to commercialize it and that at present offers a honey heals and natural, of several types: rosemary, thyme and thousand flowers.



If there is some gastronomical product that represents the Maestrazgo, this it is CHEESES the Cheese of Tronch³n mentioned three times by Cervantes in the Quijote. It is elaborated of artisan form, with milk of ewe mainly and adding €œcuajera grass€ to lukewarm milk and without skimming.

In the locality of Ejulve also quesosde is elaborated goat and cow, fresh and cured, of great quality.





They are many you graze that they are elaborated in the different furnaces from the Maestrazgo.VILLARRO

Among them they emphasize soul cakes, macaroons, mantecados of almond, of puff pastry, mysteries, torticas of anise, mostachones, sequillos, carqui±oles or almoj¡banas among others.






Although in smaller proportion, in the Maestrazgo also the vines, with which young, white and pink wines are elaborated, in addition to raising and reserve are present.






The services of restoration that are offered in the scope of the Cultural Park of the Maestrazgo, cover all the territory, being well communicated those populations that lack these. Variety of establishments, some associated to lodgings exists, others with specific character. Generally all are updated and extended, in which to his facilities it talks about. Some of them take up to two centuries in the same location, which does not prevent to maintain a modernity image them.

The gastronomy that is offered is a perfect balance between a modern food, that we could call international and traditional prescriptions: stuffed potatoes, crumbs or the abundant presentations of the lamb, without they lack the contemporary creations. In all the cases it is necessary to review the quality of traditional products of the zone: the cured ones, the conserve of pig, the peaches or the bread, different in each town. It is not necessary to forget the excellence oils or the Earth olive plate, that of habitual way accompanies the most varied meals.



Agreeing with the home of the autumnal time, the mounts of the Maestrazgo makemicologicas days our available numerous species of fungi of great gastronomical value and excellent flavor. Probably most popular and looked for it is the well-known as €œreboll³n€ or robell³n€, although also llanegas€, €œbujardones€, €œslimy black€ or €œelms€ can be found €œamong others.

The Association of Tourist Businessmen of the Maestrazgo, organizes for more than fifteen years already consolidated Gastronomical Days of autumn, centered the last years in the mushrooms, due to the micol³gica variety of the zone at this time and to the increasing demand on the part of the companions at table to taste this product. Therefore during the months of September and October, several restaurants of the zone, have between their habitual letter, a made special menu with these appraised fungi.



Due to the past templario from this region and the increasing interest that wakes up the Order of Temple, from the Association of Tourist Businessmen of the Maestrazgo arose this initiative that it tries to reflect, what and how ate in the Maestrazgo during century XIII, time at which the Templarios dominated this territory. For it, the restaurants of the zone have investigated with the purpose of to know how it was the gastronomy at medieval time: which were the used foods more, as they cooked or what foods still did not exist, as the potato or the tomato, that would later arrive years from America.

On the basis of it and being inspired by these ingredients, they have made a menu with different proposals, that they try to approach the companion at table to past times. Tossed around of ear and nose with chick-peas and picatostes, stuffed hen of pig double chin and raisins with soup of leeks and cabbages, shoulder of lamb stew with mount snails or boiled must with anises they are some of the delights that can be found within these menus of templaria inspiration.

The Maestrazgo offers therefore a new tourist proposal, combining patrimony and gastronomy, doing contributor to the visitor of its history, of a time at which the Maestrazgo was key by its strategic situation with the Muslim kingdom.



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