The Cultural Park of the Maestrazgo 43 municipalities distributed in six regions of the province of Teruel conform it: Andorra €“ Mountain range of Arcs, Under Aragon, Mining River basins, Gºdar €“ Javalambre, Maestrazgo and Community of Teruel, that conform a vast territory to an ample patrimonial inheritance, cultural as as much natural, in which they are combined impressive geology with valuable examples of gothic the Levantine one, the Renaissance architecture and the baroque one.


Organs of Montoro

Therefore, in this region it emphasizes his orography firstly, a rustic relief difficult sometimes, where vigorous mountain ranges of high altitudes and thorny precipices follow one another, with strong teeth and narrow fertile valleys furrowed by the Guadalope river and its affluents. This, together with the extensive pine groves, pastures, sober high woodlands and naked rocky walls, confers to the Maestrazgo of natural spaces of great ecological and landscaping value as they can be the Crystal Grottos of Mills, in Birth of the Pitarque River, the Natural Bridge of Fonseca or the Organs of Montoro, all of them Natural Monuments of Aragon.

Cave paintings - copy

cave paintings

Castillo Castellote

Castillo de Castellote

Another aspect to stand out of the Cultural Park of the Maestrazgo is its historical legacy to which it goes bound to a rich cultural patrimony present in each one of the towns that conform it. These earth were populated already from the prehistory, demonstrates of it are the important cave painting sets that we can find in the surroundings of Embalse de Santolea (Castellote) and in Mosqueruela, declared World heritage site, when belonging to the Rock Art of the Levantine Arc. It is possible to also emphasize the existence of population centers of time ­bera and Roman but it is in the Medievo, with the Military orders, the time at which the historical personality of this region dreams up, being land of border with the kingdom Moor of Valencia. From this stage it dates the present system of urban establishments as well as the different castles, defensive fortifications, towers and walls that still today are conserved, as Castillo Templario de Castellote or the walled town of Mirambel. The gothic art also is present in this region through churches and hermitages as the Church of Pigrim's staff or the one of the Ginebrosa. Of centuries XVI and XVII it is possible to emphasize the construction of stately palaces and houses with facades and covers of ashlar masonry of excellent invoice as it is possible to be seen in Iglesuela of the Cid. Century XIX is a convulsed time for the Maestrazgo due to the outbreak of the Carlistas Wars that will leave their track in numerous populations of the zone, being Cantavieja a strategically important point for the Carlism where the figure of Ram³n Cabrera reached the legend category happening to know itself as the Tiger of the Maestrazgo.

This one, is also a territory of ingrained traditions and celebrations related to the way of life of its people. Therefore, the fire is a representative element in many of these events, becoming presents through bonfires at winter time or on the horns of the bulls, essential animal in any celebration. The Pilgrimages are also assiduous in the Maestrazgo transferring the frame of the premises and relating near towns as the Pilgrimage of San Pedro de Montoro. Also the celebrations in honor to San Cristobal, Santa Barbara or San Juan are typical.

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